Friday, 3 November 2017

Top 5 Free Apps

There are many free apps available on Apple and Android phones that range in quality some being more useful than others. Therefore, we thought it’d be helpful to put our most useful free apps in one place.

Google maps
Possibly the most useful free app to have on your phone for all those times you’re in a new city or town and don’t have a clue where you’re going, then this app is great for directing you to those places.

A great note taking app where you can combine images and text to make your notes more visually pleasing and can help make more in-depth. Not only this but you can save your notes up as PDF’s, Keynotes and PowerPoint Presentations making it easy to share your notes in a clearer way with co-workers.

Google Translate
Another great app for travelling is the Google Translate app, it’s always a good idea to have this app on your phone for when you’re in other countries and don’t speak the language. Although Google Translate has its downfalls it’s still a very useful to have for emergencies.

Skype is a great app to connect you to friends, family and co-workers whether that’s for getting in -contact with people when they’re on holiday or for meetings with co-workers. The app is just a great one to have especially because it’s free.

This is a great app for remembering all your different passwords. 1Password keeps your password for all your accounts safe in one place with one overall password to keep all the other logins safe. This password manager is simple and effective to use.

So, there are our favourites personally I like Paper app for more creative note-taking. What’s your favourite?

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