Friday, 27 October 2017

Top 5 Photography Apps

As there are so many apps on the market it hard to decipher which are the best from the wide range available. In this list, there are both photo editing apps and photo sharing apps, with most of them being free you may want to try them out.

VSCO is a great photo editing app with different filters and effects to add to your images. Not only this but VSCO has a great community behind it where you can post your edited images with other photographers who use VSCO and can help you gain inspiration from those using the apps.

Instagram (FREE)
This is my personal favourite photo-sharing app as there’s such a wide range of images on there for you to browse through either on the trending page or through the people your followings post where you can like and comment on your friend’s images.

Layout (FREE)
Layout is also a great app for posting on Instagram as it has the correct image proportions and sizes as Instagram allows except it helps makes those posts more exciting by adding to the layout of the image either by doubling up one image and using interesting proportions to make a more eye-catching image or by allowing you to put more than one image into the layout.

Facetune (£2.99)
Another great app for photography is Facetune, this app is great for doing touch ups to images. Not just to touch up images of yourself, but also for editing images of other people that you may have taken.

EyeEm (FREE)
This app may look like your average photo editing app, but this app has a ‘market’ feature where you can get money for the photos you take and edit if they are bought by brands or publishers.

There’s our list of the top 5 photography apps, my personal favourites being Instagram and VSCO. Let us know what you use to edit your photographs and what you post your images on. Also, don’t forget to tell us what your favourite is from this list!



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