Wednesday, 13 September 2017

What You Need To Know About Apple's Event and the New iPhone 8 and iPhone X

After the Apple event last night many new products were announced.

 First up was the new Apple Watch Series 3. The biggest new feature is that it has cellular built in so that you can take calls and texts without a phone (EE only in the UK for now). You can also stream 40 million songs from your wrist using Apple Music and AirPods, great for runners or cyclists.

Along with the new Apple Watch, Apple announced the new Apple TV 4K making it possible to watch movies in 4K HDR. It offers a whole new 4K interface and Apps like Netflix, live sports and news.

Then the new iPhones were announced which is what everyone was really waiting for! As expected, they announced the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The new features being the all new glass body, wireless charging, better cameras, and augmented reality experiences.

However, the main event and star of the show was the announcement of the iPhone X (referred to as both X and 10 to celebrate 10 years of the iPhone) with many new high tech features being introduced. Here's our roundup of the main 8:

1. Edge to edge OLED display 

This is one the more obvious and most useful changes in our opinion. The iPhone X features a new edge to edge display creating a much more immersive experience and changes the well known look of the iPhone that we’ve known for the past ten years. It's a 5.8 Inch Super HD OLED display offers the best colour accuracy on the market.

2. No home button 

One of the biggest physical changes to the iPhone X is the removal of the home button that we all know and love. In order to go home, you now simply swipe up to go to the home screen. They've also utilised the power button for some of the other functionality such as Siri.

3. Face ID 

Face ID is set to replace Touch ID, waving goodbye to the old fingerprint unlocking. It now uses facial recognition as a more secure way to unlock your device. They say the chances of someone unlocking with fingerprint ID was 1 in 50,000. With facial recognition it's now 1 in a million!

4. A11 bionic chip 

The A11 bionic chip in the new iPhone X is the most powerful chip yet. It is up to 25% faster than previous models. It's not only much more powerful, it also uses less power so has added 2 hours to the phone's battery life.

5. Wireless charging 

The new iPhone X (and the iPhone 8 and 8+) now allow wireless charging. You'll need a wireless charging mat but it will create a much easier way to charge your device. Just put your iPhone X down on the mat and it will automatically charge itself.

6. Animoji 

Using 3D tracking technology Apple have devised a way to animate emojis in real time. You can then record these as videos to send to your friends and family. So making text conversations that little bit more entertaining.

7. Dual camera 

The dual camera features a 12MP wide angle and telephoto camera along with portrait mode and portrait mode lighting and not only this the front facing camera will finally have portrait mode for taking much higher quality selfies.

8. Augmented reality 

The A11 bionic chip allows augmented reality in games and apps. This allows the iPhone X to make extremely high quality 3D models to appear as though they are in the real world. This has lots of scope for both gaming, and uses like overlaying scores and data in live sports events.

So that's a quick round up of last nights Apple event and all the tech gear that was announced. The most exciting one by far, being the iPhone X.

What do we think? We think the iPhone 8 is just an incremental upgrade to the 7 (and the same is true from 7+ to 8+) with better and faster bits. If you're already using an iPhone 6 or 7, we can't see that the upgrade is really worthwhile. The iPhone X is different enough to do so though, if of course you can justify the expense at £999!

Over to you now. What do you think about these new releases, which is your favourite, and why?



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