Friday, 24 November 2017

Top 5 Tech Gifts Under £20

With Christmas right around the corner, we are starting out with Christmas tech gifts under £20 so that you can buy people cool tech gifts on a budget. Not only this but these are great gifts to get for people when you don't know what to get them. So for your first instalment of Appware's Christmas here's a rundown of our top 5 tech gifts under £20, ranging from cheaper stocking filler gifts to stand alone cool tech gifts suitable for anyone.

1. Mrice E300 Earbuds (Amazon- £19.03)
For those who don't want to splash out on expensive earphones that will most likely end up lost. These are the perfect gift for those who are always either losing their earphones or always borrowing yours, not only is the price tag nice they also have a great sound quality.

2. Branch Earphone Splitter (Amazon- £9.37)
A branch earphone splitter is a great stocking filler for all those music lovers and are great for times when you're with friends and want to listen to the same music, they always come in handy.

3.Volport Magnetic 360 Degree Smartphone Mount (Amazon- £8.99)
This is also a great stocking filler, especially for those who travel a lot. Not only is it great for using in your car but also your desk/ bedside table so your phone is always at the right angle. This mount is also compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

4. Poweradd Pilot X7 20,000mAh Portable Universal External Power Bank (Amazon- £19.99)
This is a great gift for anyone with a mobile as there are always those times when you need to leave but your phone is only on 10% battery and you need a power bank. A power bank always comes in very handy.

5. Fizz Plug and Play JoyPad Arcade Game (ASOS- £14.99)
This retro joypad comes with 200 games built in, it's a fun gift for any tech or gaming lover. This fun little game is a great stocking filler or main gift for anyone who's a child at heart and is also a great time passer.

So, there's our list of top 5 tech gifts under £20. One that I have actually bought for someone this year is the Fizz Plug and Play JoyPad Arcade Game from ASOS as it's an affordable gift for those who enjoy games and you aren't sure what to get them. Let us know what tech gifts you'll be buying for your friends and family this year. We hope this has helped your Christmas present shopping this year.


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