Friday, 10 January 2014

'Watch' This Space

2013 bought a revolution to us in the smart watch, but 2014 could bring an even better mobile revolution.

During CES 2014, it looked like the smallest gadgets were going to steal the big show when huge focus was turned towards technology worn around the wrist.

Wearable technology isn’t a new thing but CES 2014 gave us an insight into exactly where wearable technology is heading and how devices look to move beyond just a wristband with limited functionality.

Many people may already own the likes of Nike Fuelband SE and JawBone Up, but with the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Gear last year, we could be in for some exciting gadgets. The LG Lifeband Touch, for example, comes fitted with a sensitive OLED display allowing you to track your distance walked, how many steps you have taken and is able to keep a close eye on your heart rate too.

This clever wearable is more than just a fitness sensor though, in fact, it can be paired with an Android or iOS smartphone through Bluetooth to show your incoming phone calls and your message alerts.

Another clever bit of kit that gained a lot of interest was the Razer Nabu. This water-resistant wristband is jam-packed with sensors tracking your movement and even allows you to monitor your sleep quality. This device also shows calls, messages and emails, but the Razer Nabu stands out because it possesses not one, but two screens.

When it comes to technology, Sony are never that far away and they too introduced a new wearable piece of kit in the Sony Core. Although it also focuses on fitness tracking, Sony hopes to launch an app alongside this wristband to keep a log of your life. This will allow you to keep track of the music you have listened to, the pictures you have taken and the social updates you have posted.

There were more wearable’s other than wristbands on show though and one of them was Epson’s cheaper alternative to Google Glass, the Moverio BT-200. This pair of smart glasses are fitted with motion sensors, Dolby Digital surround sound and a decent resolution display.

Well, 2014 looks like it could be the year for wearable’s.

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