Friday, 13 October 2017

Top 5 Productivity Apps!

If you have problems with your productivity and keeping yourself motivated then these apps could be very useful to you. There's always room to improve your productivity so why not try some of these apps.

This app helps to avoid meeting clashes and promote productivity. By having a scheduled day where nothing clashes, you'll have a much less stressful day. Both your colleagues and other people can be involved and Doodle will schedule in times and work out the best time slot for everyone.
Cost: FREE

Trello is a great app for managing your tasks and creating different lists for different subjects or projects. This helps to visualise your tasks for the day/week and can then tick them off. On top of this, your colleagues can be added in so you can set group tasks and lists.
Cost: FREE

Be Focused Pro
This app helps to break tasks down into time intervals so that you can keep your motivation up and keep powering through your tasks for the day,y without you getting distracted or too stuck one task for too long. Also with this app, you can track your progress over the weeks and months.
Cost: FREE

Genius Scan
Genius Scan is a great app which helps you to create quality PDF documents by simply taking a photo. This free app allows you to send the PDF's you generate via text, email, or export them to Dropbox or Google Drive. This app is very handy if you need to send a copy of something but it needs to be readable and not just a photo or a PDF version of a receipt.
Cost: FREE

This app is great for jotting down ideas in mind map form. The app helps to visualise your ideas quickly either in mind map form or in doodles, you can also get your colleagues involved so they can add their ideas to the mind maps too. Not only this but you can add photos and save them for next time or export them.
Cost: FREE

There's our list of productivity apps. Although there are many on the market, these are our top 5. We'd love to know what your top 5 are and what works for you to improve your productivity?



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