Friday, 28 June 2013

Android 5.0 - Key Lime Pie

Reading the title you may have thought you were going to read some type of recipe, unfortunately you’re not. Instead, Key Lime Pie is a codename that actually refers to the new Android 5.0 software development which is underway right now.

Those clever tech-heads over at Google have continually produced new software for their smartphones and tablets year after year and it’s not long until their newest release is due. The Android 5.0 is next in line to impress us and although there has not been an official released date as of yet, we can’t help but be interested.

There are so many rumours circulating the internet, so we are going to put a list together of some of the expected features we can hope for.

Earlier this year, we found out that Google is working with the Linux 3.8 kernel, so it is likely that this kernel could make it into the Android 5.0.  For those that are not sure what this means, in simpler terms, it means that we would be getting a much snappier phone and improved multitasking.

Another feature we could look forward to is Google Babel.  Babel was used by Google to explain their cross-platform service and app, with the aim of collectively combining their various chat services.  These include the likes of Talk, Voice, Messenger, Hangout, Chat on Google+ and Chat for Google Drive too.  A fairly credible Android source announced that Google Babel will be supported in devices running the Android 2.3 software and above, and on the 15th May this is what happened.  Although we thought it may be debuted on the Key Lime Pie, it will more than likely be a feature.

Although pure speculation, there have been many Tech Geeks requesting new features to be included.  Some wishing for a brighter interface compared to the latest 4.0 version, whereas many have been urging a bigger and better performance profile.  For example, a gaming mode for maximum power delivery or a minimal power mode for when we read.

Other requests include a better social networking support system and better apps (i.e. Video Chat app).  One thing is for sure though, we still have to wait a little longer to find out what we will get with the new Android 5.0.

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