Friday, 14 June 2013

Apple fight back with iOS 7

With competition continually improving, Apple knew it was time for a big change and that is exactly what you get with the new iOS 7.

With the likes of Android 4.2 providing a number of new features and the Samsung Galaxy S4 recently hitting the shelves, it was time that Apple gave smartphone users something to get excited about.  So, we give you the iOS 7!

Apple made the announcement just a few days ago, so what better time to talk about it than right now. And why not? We’re excited about it just as much as the next person.

So, what can we expect with this new iOS 7? Well, we can expect cleaner, more streamlined software compared to the previous iOS 6, all thanks to Jony Ive, the person responsible for Apple’s hardware designs. This much more modern operating system is going to be a hugely improved version and one that will definitely rival any other smartphone lying in its wake.

Apple has also told us that there will be a whole host of other new features for us to get excited about. One of these features includes the Control Center, which makes the things we need most often like turning the Wi-Fi on, or adjusting the screen’s brightness, even more convenient with a simple swipe.

Another keen focus from Apple is multitasking. This has always been a great way of switching from one app to another. Well now, Apple has made it even better! If you regularly check your favourite social app at a certain time, say midday for example, this new multitasking intelligence will already have your feed waiting for you at this time so you can quickly check what’s going on in the world. Pretty cool huh?

Even the camera has become more convenient. Life is full to the brim of special moments and Apple has made sure that you capture them instantly by also being only a swipe away. The newly installed filters also allow users to get the most out of each image too with a chance to edit any picture, anywhere.

All in all, Apple seem to have this new software completely nailed and although a lot has changed, we fully expect that it will feel like we have never known any other way of using our smartphones.

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