Wednesday, 26 September 2012

BrushDJ App shortlisted for an award

The Appsters Awards are like the glistening and much talked about Oscars, but of the App world. With the award winners chosen by a well chosen judging panel of independent experts, the best of the best apps will be competing for the 12 titles up for grabs. One of the titles is The Start-Up App 2012 and the designer of the BrushDJ App is delighted to be in the shortlist with six other competitors.

BrushDJ is a great idea for making sure that you brush your teeth for long enough, it does this by playing two minutes of music from your collectiom, encouraging you to brush your teeth for long enough. BrushDJ is also useful for setting reminders to brush your teeth twice a day, floss, use a mouthwash or when the user is next due to change their toothbrush or see their dentist or hygienist.

As well as being shortlisted for the award, the developers of BrushDJ were over the moon that the BrushDJ app that they built for their client had recently been featured on the BBC Newsite ‘BBC Click’ too.

But who were the makers that designed this fantastic, healthy and great fun app? It was AppWareof course.

Appware’s client (Dentist, Ben Underwood) felt that sometimes it’s hard to know when the two minutes is up so it’s great to have that timed by your favourite song, some electric toothbrushes have built in timers, but listening to the buzz can get a little boring. The BrushDJ makes brushing your teeth fun, and first thing in the morning, when you’re a little sleepy, the BrushDJ App will help wake you up with your favourite song and you can have a bop along while brushing your teeth.

If you want to find a more fun way to brush your teeth then download BrushDJ, the greatest app for brushing your teeth!

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