Friday, 21 September 2012

The new iPhone5 – what’s new and should I upgrade?

The New iPhone is out, the iPhone5. You’ve seen it in the media, you’ve seen the waiting lists being offered in various mobile phone shops and you’ve heard the hype, but why should you upgrade to the iPhone5?

It’s a bigger screen, but it hasn’t just gone big for the sake of being big. It’s bigger so you can view more in your calendar, so you can have more apps available on the main page and you can see more of the website page that you are on too. With 44% more colour saturation and 18% more pixels, not only is the screen bigger it’s better too, and the colours stand out more and the pictures are clearer. The iPhone5 allows you to watch widescreen HD Video and TV in all its glory, as it should be.

It’s a faster internet service via LTE wireless technology (4G) which is well known for its speed, but it’s been done in such as way that it will not drain the battery life, meaning faster internet connection for you, but not a faster draining battery.

The new A6 chip also gives you everything twice as fast as the A5 chip did, so launching Apps, attaching emails and opening web pages can be done twice as quickly. However even with accelerated speed the iPhone5 battery has more than enough power to last throughout the day, including 8 hours browsing, 8 hours talk time and 10 hours video playback time.

The earphones are new and exciting too, better known as EarPods. Over one hundred different types have been tested on over 600 people, ensuring they work through sweat and water while staying in place in the hottest and coldest climates.

The camera is improved too with panoramic views being able to be taken and it’s also easier to take better low-light images with noise reduction. Siri has improved from the iPhone 4S as Siri now works with more languages and with more places, understanding you question in a better way, therefore giving you better answers.

The iPhone5 offers you maps designed by Apple that can be seen 3D as real images where you pan around and zoom in wherever you want. The maps also offer directions that speak to you turn by turn (powered by by market leaders TomTom) to help you get where you are going easier.

Should you upgrade? If you contract is up for renewal then it’s probably worth it, but if you already have the iPhone 4S then there are really no vast improvements that would urge a need for the upgrade, especially now that i0S6 is available for download for free.

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  1. 3 things excite me about the new iphone 5

    1 - LTE and the hope the networks get with the plan to offer 4G sooner rather than later.
    2 - Speed its gonna be fast, faster to browse, to load apps
    3 - EarPods - lets see if these stay in while at the gym.

    Thats why I have upgraded.