Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Rise of the Smartphone App

It is being said that there is no end on sight for the growth of the app market. Research shows that over 62% of Americans own a device which can use apps however only a quarter of these people had paid for their apps; others had only used free apps. One third of those that use apps on their smart phones and tablets have said they would use them more often in the future, and out of the ‘non’ app users, a third of those have said it is very likely they will download and use apps in the next six months. It seems word of mouth is the best selling tool for new apps though, with 52% of Americans saying that they tend to download an app onto their smart phone after a friend has recommended they do so. Experts are stating that the mobile apps market is growing very fast with innovation and strong businesses driving the majority of that growth, yet everyone is gaining from this ever expanding market. This huge and constant growth in the mobile app market had lead to better apps and better service for everyone, resulting in more businesses thriving in the mobile app market.

It seems that mobile apps are not just the next best thing, but the constant best thing for the future.

Most app users have said the apps they choose help them to get more out of the smart phone with 47% saying that they download the apps that make it easier for them than using their mobile browser. 46% of Americans have said they tend to download the apps that make their smart phone more entertaining and 44% of Americans said that they download apps that make it faster to get the information that they need.

With Apps, smart phone users are able to have more technology at their finger tips; in fact they can have as much technology at their finger tips as they want. The app options are pretty much endless.

It seems that the American public are happy with apps too with 57% of smart phone app users stating that app upgrades are a must and they place great value onto them, meanwhile 46% of Americans feel that apps are constantly getting better and that smart phone app users look forward to new updates to their apps.

Mobile App experts have said that there is a lot more to discover and lots more they can accomplish in the mobile app world, with some experts feeling that they have only just begun to scratch the surface of what mobile apps can really offer smart phone users.

It really does seem there is no end in sight for the growth of the apps market.

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