Friday, 15 December 2017

Top 5 Fun Tech Gifts!

As we are giving you our Top 5 Fun Tech Gifts, they range in prices drastically from just £4.99 to £149.99, so there's something on here for anyone you know. As well as this, the gifts range in different genres as some are more themed than others. For example, with the upcoming release of the new Star Wars there's one Star Wars themed gift on here for all those super fans.

1. RED5 Mini Desktop Arcade Machine
Cost: £24.99
This fun little tech gift is perfect for any gaming lover or arcade fan. This portable arcade game provides hours of fun as the small machine is filled with 200 16-bit games that you've missed over the year. The retro game comes with an 8-way control stick, 2 buttons and a 2.5 colour screen with music and sound effects too. One thing to remember is that the arcade game requires 3 x AA batteries.

2. R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid by Sphero
Cost: £129.99
This is the ultimate gift for those Star Wars fans, The small R2-D2 robot is perfectly accurate to the films even down to final touches like the cables on the feet of the robot. Through the app that links the robot to your phone, you can draw a route for your robot and R2-D2 will follow this pattern on the floor. This little robot also interacts with the Star Wars films if you are watching them with the most realistic sounds.

3. LifePrint Photo and Video Printer
Cost: £134.95
LifePrint isn’t just a photo printer, this little device incorporates augmented reality with the free app. The tiny printer allows you to print your photos and videos straight from your iPhone. Not only does it print from your iPhone camera roll and print your live photos, but also from all your social media such as Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. You can also ‘follow’ your friends with a LifePrinter and print to any LifePrinter across the world.

4. Fidget Cube
Cost: £4.99
This is a great stocking filler for all those fidgeters you know who just can't sit still. The fidget cube has 6 different functions to help soothe stress and anxiety. As well as this you can glide, rock, roll, spin, flip or click the different sides of the fidget cube. Also, this highly addictive cube comes in various different colours.

5. Overdrive Starter Kit Fast and Furious Edition
Cost: £149.99
This is perfect for any Fast and Furious fans or car fans in general as this allows their competitive side to pour out. The Fast and Furious kit comes with 1 Dom's Ice Charger, 1 Hobbs' International MXT, 3 straight track pieces, 1 exclusive Power Zone track piece, 690 curved track pieces, 12 guardrails, 2 riser pieces, 1 four-car charging platform, 1 tyre cleaner so that you can set up the perfect track.

So, there are our 5 Fun Tech Gifts for this week. My favourite is the LifePrint Photo and Video Printer as it allows you to not only print photos but also your videos, and has a more social element to it by allowing you to share those images and print them from any of the LifePrints across the world. Let us know if you bought any of the gifts from our gift guides!

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