Friday, 29 December 2017

Top 5 Apps To Help You Keep Your New Years Resolution!

If you’re setting a new years resolution for 2018 then we may have some apps that can help make carrying out your resolutions that little bit easier. From getting fit to saving money there are various app suggestions that could help you next year.

Get Fit
When it comes to getting fit as your new year's resolution there are many apps that can help you succeed in this. Two apps that stand out as great ones to help you get fit are Pact (iOS and Android) and FitStar (iOS and Android). Pact is an app which puts your money in the firing line if you don't either work out or eat healthy that day. It also rewards you with money every time you go to workouts or eat healthily. FitStar is slightly different in that it doesn't involve your money, it comes with custom workout videos and the ability to connect to your fitness trackers.

Saving Money
If saving money is your new years resolution, a great app to help you with this is Mint (iOS and Android) all you need to do is fill in some of your basic banking information and how much you want to spend on various different things and then the app takes care of rest, telling you how much budget you have left to spend on certain things, and tell you if you’ve gone over budget in certain areas.

Manage Stress
There are many apps available to help you manage stress better, one is Pacifica (iOS and Android). Pacifica is a great app that allows you to track your moods every day and gives you tips and advice on how to improve these. To get support with these you can share your data with friends, family or your therapist.

If your new years resolution is to travel more then the perfect app for you is Travelocity (iOS and Android). This App gives you inspiration on your next trips and provides information and deals and flights for different holidays. Another App to download once you’re on your travels is (iOS and Android). This App gives you suggestions of places to eat and stay.

Learn a New Language
If in 2018 you want to learn a new language then one great App to help is Duolingo (iOS and Android). This App allows you to learn at your own pace whether you’re a beginner or quite advanced. As well as this, the App allows you to learn with your friends too.

Eat Healthier
If you’re looking to eat healthier in 2018, a great app to download in the new year is Nutrino (iOS and Android). Nutrino is an app which gives you personalized suggestions on healthy food that would suit your taste. As well as this the app lets you plan meals based on your goals. Also, it lets you log your food, workouts and any other information you think is vital to the improvement of your health.

These are our top apps to help you with specific new years resolutions. Don't forget to let us know what your resolutions are and if you use any apps to help you manage your new year's resolutions.

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