Friday, 3 January 2014

What Will 2014 Bring to the Tech World

So, 2014 is finally here and we can reflect on a year that was full of gadgets that hit the tech world by storm. But, without reflecting too much on last year’s technology, can we begin to look forward to an even better year?

We will have a look at some of this year’s possibilities and pieces of tech that will light up the industry (literally).

Technology never stops moving and this is what we can expect in 2014:

1. Our Tablets Will Get Bigger

The likes of the iPad Mini and the small-screen Nexus 7, were just a little phase. Samsung looks to be bringing out a massive 12-inch Galaxy Note. If that isn’t big enough, Panasonic looks to introduce a 20-inch ToughPad with 4K resolution – perfect for photographers, architects and well, anybody. As tablets look to replace many laptops and computers it will mean we will spend less time squinting and more time surfing.

2. 3D Printing Will Kickstart A New Era

In 2014 alone, shipments around the world of 3D printers is predicted to grow by 75%, which is then likely to double again in 2015. 3D printing could prove to be a game changer in the design world and has rapidly collected a highly anticipated reputation; one that makes us very excited. Printing black text on to white paper is such a thing of the past.

3. Smartphones Could Get A Backbone

Our favourite smartphones could gain the ability to bend, improving their claim to be ‘unbreakable’. We have already seen examples of this type of screen and the smart watches released last year gave us a little glimpse of what’s to come, but 2014 could see the real growth of ‘bendy’ screens.

4. Video Looks To Dominate The Web

Like the bendy screens, we have already seen plenty of examples that video is taking over the web and more specifically, social media. With the introduction of 4K TVs and video support, viewing your favourite funny compilations on your favourite devices could become even more high definition. With everyone looking to stream video content at home, at work or out and about, our networks are likely to improve too.

5. Smartphones Will Remain Top Of The Tree

Regardless of the publicity surrounding the likes of Google Glass, Galaxy Gear and other wearables, smartphones will look to remain the cream of the crop and will dominate the consumer markets. With new features in their plenty and ease of access, smartphones look to grow stronger in 2014 and the race for the top manufacture should really hot up this year. We can’t wait.

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