Friday, 20 December 2013

Capture Those Christmas Memories

With Christmas day around the corner and Apple hoping to smash their previous record sales around this time, we have narrowed down some iPhone apps that can turn you into the family photographer this Christmas.

For many people purchasing a smartphone, the camera is still one of the key features that help decide what model to opt for. The iPhone 5S now comes with an upgraded 8MP iSight camera which is its best yet but there are still some useful apps that can transform your images.

Here are three of our favourites:

Text Camera
With so many platforms online for people to share their imagery with friends and the online world, captions are becoming the key to many photos. Text Camera focuses on the text and allows photographers to edit their imagery with inspirational quotes or doodles. It does come with its own pre-installed doodles and text but, of course, you can create your own like ‘Grandad has fallen asleep next to the fire, AGAIN!’

Camera Art FX
Filters are extremely popular for photography apps and many come installed with their own interesting features, but Camera Art FX allows some fun functionality.  In fact, they can cover up a lot of the more basic amateur photographic mistakes often seen online. You can add effects like a comic style one, a painted effect or to make it look as if you doodled it. Perfect for when you want to spruce up your ‘selfie’.

This impressive app pitches itself as a tool that can appeal to both amateurs and professionals and comes with a number of high-tech options.  For example, it is fitted with a 6x digital zoom, ability to improve the exposure and focus and even allows the option to take forward facing photographs with flash.  So, this is definitely one for the selfie-fanatic.  Its motto is ‘Shoot like a pro’ and that’s exactly what it lets you do; you can turn your iPhone into one that rivals some of the newest cameras on the market … impressive!
So, when it comes to creating a timeline of your Christmas day festivities, you have a number of apps to help you do it. Have a very Snappy Christmas!

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