Friday, 13 September 2013

A Flying Car We Can Buy

This is not something we normally talk about, but who are we to ignore an innovative piece of technology worth mentioning. In this case, it’s a flying car!

We’re not talking about a Harry Potter style vehicle or something out of the Jetsons, instead we are talking about the Terrafugia Vision.

This new vehicle is very close to becoming available to the general public but it has a few regulations and a couple of other hurdles away from being on the market for us to buy. We say us, but it will be available for those that are willing to shell out a mere $279,000. Yes, dollars! It won’t be available to us Brits for some time.

So what is the Terrafugia Vision? Well, like the title suggests, it’s a flying car. It has a cruising speed of 100 miles per hour in the air and its miles per gallon are estimated at around 35 when driving it on the road. This plane-cum-car can travel up to 410 miles, with a reserve tank that will give you an extra 30 minutes. So, it might not be ideal to go on long journeys but you can still get from A to B quite conveniently.

This new technological advance has been in progress since 2006 and has always been the dream of Carl Deitrich since he graduated from University with a Ph.D.

The only problem this great design might face, which is the same with a number of other light aircraft or little airplanes, is that when the weather is a bit too windy or wet, the car-plane might suffer from some problems. If the weather changes whilst in flight, you will be pretty much stuck, but don’t let that put you off, this is still a great bit of technology.

Although, if you are interested in having a Terrafugia Vision, you might need to consider your finances. The price tag of $279,000 means that people that are looking for a sports car may be interested, for us normal folk… not so much!

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