Friday, 10 May 2013

What is Google Glass?

When you think of the internet, you think of Google and when you think of technology, you think of …. Glass?

The search engine super-giant has released its new Google Glass, a computing device that you wear like a pair of glasses. This new Google Glass is aimed at the next step in technology and boasts similar features to that of today’s smartphones.

For those of you that don’t know what Google Glass is, we are going to clear up a few things for you:

So, what actually is Google Glass?

Like we said, it’s a computer device you wear on your head but not only that, it has been reviewed as the equivalent of a 25-inch screen that is just eight feet away from you. It may not be as detailed as a top of the range smartphone but it does have a good screen and is relatively easy to function. 

What are its features?

In a nut shell, Google glass is a display, a camera, a touchpad, a battery and a microphone all built into one device that is very reminiscent of a pair of spectacles. You can also video, send and receive emails, texts and calls and you can, of course, do Google searches. This clever piece of kit might be cutting-edge technology but at what cost you ask?

How much is it?

When Google Glass was first shown to its audience at the Google I/O developer conference in 2012 it cost $1500 to pre-order. So, not cheap. 

Although it may look a bit silly on your face, like some sort of torch or glasses with no lenses, it has got a lot of people rather excited.  And we are no different!  Especially when we found out that Google Glass will be able to run apps.  Google Glass will only run apps pre-approved by Google before we can use them which mean only the decent ones will be available.

With Google Glass being built with Android technology it is bound to have some interesting apps and has been purposely intertwined with Google’s own services which mean the apps will operate more like features than separate apps altogether.

The potential of this device is enormous; let’s just hope it lives up to our expectations.

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