Friday, 19 January 2018

Top 5 Planning Apps!

This week we're giving you our top 5 apps to help you plan your day, time or road trips as a start to help you improve in 2018. There are various different apps to help you in different areas of planning your day so why not try out a few and see how they work for you.
Platform: iOS
Cost: £1.99
The Streets app is great for navigating your way around a new city or just when you get a bit lost. The app links up with Google street view except it works a lot quicker and smoother so that you don't miss a turn. This app also works on iPad Pro and Apple Watch where they show 360° images of various different streets.

Platform: iOS and Android
Cost: FREE
The If This Then That app allows you to automate things like if you are emailed contact information then you can set it to automatically save this information to your notes or contacts whichever you choose. Not only can the app do this but it can also connect to the Internet of Things which therefore allows the person to turn lights on and off at specific times. This app is great for helping you keep in control of your contacts so that you can build your list of contacts without forgetting anyone.

Platform: Android
Cost: FREE
DashClock is a great widget for Android devices it simply allows the user to place things on their home screens such as weather, appointments or anything they would find useful to help plan their day. Also, another good thing about this app is that the user does not need to login to see the information that they want to see, however a downfall of this app is that it is only available on Android devices.

Platform: Android and iOS
Cost: FREE
Piktochart is a really handy app which helps to make producing infographics or presentations 10 times easier to create. This app allows you to create work while on the go and even if you're not the most creative person, the app does all the work for you. The app is built with many templates for infographics, posts, presentations and reports so there's plenty to choose from.

Platform: iOS and Android
Cost: FREE
The Waze app is one of the best navigation apps out there, it gives you alerts on any traffic, police or hazards on your route. As well as this the app instantly re-routes around traffic so that you can save your time and plan your day without traffic ruining your commutes. Waze will also find you the cheapest fuel on your route and gives you an arrival time based on the live traffic.

So, there are our top 5 planning apps. My favourite personally is the Waze app it's so helpful for avoiding traffic and incidents that may have happened on your journey so it's very useful for getting to your destinations on time if you have to be somewhere for a specific time. Let us know if you use any of these apps and enjoy them or if there are apps that you find helpful for planning your day?

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