Friday, 29 November 2013

Build Your Own Computer From Scratch

If like us, you grew up building all sort of things from Lego through to den’s made of sheets, then you can probably appreciate what a company called Kano has created.

Kano, a Kickstarter team, is a computer kit designed to help people of any age to assemble their own computer from scratch, as well as helping them to learn basic coding skills too. The project was originally launched through Kickstarter with the intention of raising $100,000 in funding, but the project has already managed to destroy this target by securing more than $808,000.

Tools and building skills are very important in a child’s early development, so this is a great chance for them to showcase their intelligence at such a young age. Kano has provided people with a kit which they can build instruction-by-instruction, in order to create a fully functioning, good-looking computer.

The kit itself, consists of two instruction manuals, a custom case, a keyboard, a speaker, an 8GB SD card, a power plug, and HMDI and mini-USB cables. The computing module is powered by Raspberry PI and actually began life as a book just last year.

The build-it-yourself computer kit has been designed to be easy to follow for people of any age and is expected to be available for shipping next year. The kit is moderately inexpensive too, and at just $119, it is a great chance for children to learn some really important skills.

Making the computer doesn’t mean that is the end to the building process though, once you fire it up and start exploring its features you will find that you can build games too. You can make games like Pong and Snake and you can edit the rules too, this is where the newly learnt coding skills might come into play.

Even though buyers are going to have to wait until 2014 until they can get their hands on this kit, you can reserve your kit now. Over 7,200 people have already backed the project, but you can still fund the project all the way until the 19th of December if you’re interested.

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