Friday, 16 November 2012

Microsoft Surface – A Different Type of Tablet

Most of us have seen the trendy adverts on the TV. It shows people sat on a picnic bench with different colour ‘machines’ passing them from person to person, propping them up with the back case and sticking a keyboard on the front before holding them together to create a guy – This is the Microsoft Surface, the new tablet on the market available from just £399.

Microsoft claim that with surface you can see more, share more and do more – but does this make it better than other tablets? Let’s have a look at what’s on offer;

Microsoft states that the surface is not only a timeless and tough work of art but a feat of engineering too. It is said that after using it just briefly you will clearly be able to see the thoughtful design and craftsmanship perfection that, joined together, makes the Surface a joy to behold. The Surface also has a unique casing called VaporMg and this offers not only a high quality fit but it also gives the Surface an ultra light and durable finish.

To stand it up just use the integrated stand that flips out from the back of the tablet, allowing you to have hands-free entertainment. Whether you want to sit back and enjoy a video in HD or take some beautiful photos, just flip back the stand and it’s propped up for you. However if you want it back as an ordinary tablet the stand closes back in on itself and moulds into the casing, leaving it looking smooth and sleek.

If you’d rather not use the touch screen for the typing then why not turn your Surface into a laptop by using the Touch Cover which just clicks into place giving you a slim and spill-resistant keyboard that you can use to type away until your heart’s desire. You can make your Surface as personalised as you want it to be with lots of vibrant colours to choose from. Alternatively why not consider a Type Cover? This combines the comfort and speed of your everyday keyboard but it is lightweight and super thin making it ideal for extended usage at home or work.

It may look incredibly thin but do not despair – the Surface still features a full-size USB port, microSD card slot and HD Video out port meaning that you are able to transfer files easily and use numerous compatible accessories such as the charge up, plug in and show off.

The fact that the Surface is cloud-connected is an added bonus as it means you can use SkyDrive to access any files at any time from wherever they may be.

One of the biggest advantages however, is that it uses the same operating system that can run on your laptop, Windows 8. So this means that you can use all the same software that you're used to using on your desktop or laptop in exactly the same way. Only time will tell if Microsoft really have produced a true laptop replacement in tablet form...


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